"In the beginning he was, the word"
The first few words from John 1 in the Peshitta and a translation.



Why should we bother with the New Testament written in ancient Syriac?

Syriac New Testament

An overview of the Syriac gospel versions and text types

Syriac gospel history

History of the Syriac gospel, Syriac text types and the Syriac speaking peoples.

Syriac gospel text recovery

Short articles and longer papers connected with a project to salvage the earliest Syriac gospel text from biblical and patristic texts.

The Aramaic language

An overview of the Aramaic language and its geographic distribution.

Syriac and Aramaic calligraphy

Learn how to write Palestinian Aramaic and write Syriac using the semi-cursive Estrangela script.

Virtual Syriac studies library

A virtual library of digitized Syriac manuscripts, printed editions of Syriac texts, Syriac audio and musical items plus some basic Syriac studies information and internet links.

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